• Research diagnosis and treatment options (including clinical trials)
  • Identify doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, at-home nursing care, assisted living facilities and nursing homes
  • Assist with obtaining second opinions
  • Accompany you or a loved one to medical appointments and/or the emergency room. Liaison with healthcare providers to help you understand the medical condition, treatment options and next steps
  • Monitor hospital stays and interface with the medical team to understand the diagnosis, testing and treatment plan
  • Monitor you or a loved one following admission to a rehab, sub-acute facility or nursing home
  • Organize your medical records to better facilitate intelligent medical decisions and reduce the risk of medical errors
  • Analyze your medical bills to determine if there are ways to reduce your financial obligation and negotiate with companies
  • Manage your medical bills
  • Mediate family conflicts involving healthcare decisions

Decision making

You and your family make the medical decisions for you and your loved one. Our role is to provide you with the facts to enable an informed decision.