“Thank you for all the help that you have provided over the last four or more years. We couldn’t have managed the complexities of the medical industry nor the decisions regarding where, when, and how without you.”

Paula B,

“The best thing I ever did was call AnnMarie the day after Christmas. I told her about my wife’s new cancer diagnosis and what we had been doing. Turns out she had other plans for my wife–recommendations that led to life-saving treatment. Thanks to AnnMarie, my wife and I are planning our first vacation in a very long time. Never one to take anything for granted, she has a Plan B (including the oncologist and treatment) already identified if my wife’s cancer ever returns.

Friends forever, we can’t wait to meet for the first time in person once the pandemic ends.”

Skip (and Ashley),

“Thoroughly professional in every regard, Patient Advocators provided crucial information in clinical, administrative and insurance areas, that ensured an excellent outcome in a very complex medical case. Fully qualified and possessing extensive local resources, Ms. McIlwain offers a service to which I would entrust the care of my own family.”

Edward DeRosis, MD,
New York and California

“We were able to use the funds recouped by your team to help with a downpayment on our first home. Wouldn’t have happened without you! Thank you so much.”

George Z,
Los Angeles

“AnnMarie is the most professional, caring and compassionate patient advocator that I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of the system and what it takes to get things done quickly and in the best interest of her clients is unmatched. On many occasions, I have witnessed her solve what seems like an insurmountable problem and she has always stepped in and found a solution, often going above and beyond what would be considered the scope of her responsibility. AnnMarie helped in finding specialized care providers, fast tracking appointments with medical specialists, and working with clients to navigate the complications of our health care system. She not only considers the well-being of the patient but also never loses sight of the cost, always ensuring that the client gets the best treatment possible in the most cost-effective manner for them. AnnMarie is my go-to person for all client matters!”

Maureen McConnell from MyBillKeeper,
New York

“AnnMarie is an angelic medical advocate.  My brother was hospitalized to treat a non-life threatening condition. Following this procedure, he suffered a heart attack. The hospital wanted to operate to treat his heart condition, however he wanted a second opinion before agreeing to proceed. Despite being of sound mind, the hospital ignored his request and placed him under psychiatric evaluation. After a 1-1/2 week stay in the hospital we spoke and he requested I find a health advocate to assist with getting his release from the hospital and help him get a second opinion. After an internet search I found and hired Ann Marie who worked with the hospital to secure my brother’s release within 24 hours. God bless Ann Marie.”



“AnnMarie and her team did a superb job taking care of my dad. She was on top of his care every step of the way and knew the right questions to ask. She made sure dad got the treatment he needed. With so many caregivers and opinions, it’s hard to know what to do. AnnMarie made it much easier…and dad is still with us thanks in no small part to her. “

John M.,

“In the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic, AnnMarie was immensely helpful to my husband, and myself, in our attempts to gain access to a long term health policy that we had had for more than 20 years. Because my husband has cancer, and both of us are in our late seventies, we refused to allow health workers into our home. Deaths from the virus by elderly patients who had contracted the disease from health workers were reported daily in the media, but the insurance company remained adamant. Unless we allowed such workers into our home, we were not eligible for other aspects of the policy, which would be helpful to us. Once AnnMarie entered the conversation, she was able to phrase the situation in a way that was meaningful to the insurance company. All ended in a mutually agreeable solution. Thank you so much, AnnMarie, for the support, advice, and practical assistance that you gave us at a time when we needed it. I highly recommend AnnMarie, and her agency, to anyone who has found themselves at an impasse in dealing with the insurance company that they are relying upon for assistance at a critical point in their life, or the life of a loved one. Gratefully, Dee”

New York

“A family member was diagnosed with a mental illness and I had never dealt with these sorts of problems. Within 24 hours, AnnMarie helped me understand the diagnosis, recommended two books to deepen my understanding and provided me with the names of the two top physicians in my area (one hospital based and the other in private practice) and the pros and cons of working with each. With the preparation AnnMarie did for me, I felt very prepared for our meetings with both doctors and I was able to make a great choice for my family member who is responding well to treatment. “

West Coast

“When my son broke his wrist, AnnMarie knew the top Orthopedists, but even more importantly she knew the Orthopedist who specializes in hands and wrists. After talking with this doctor, we decided to fly our son home from Denver to be treated by him. The outcome was perfect and my son’s wrist is now ready for the upcoming ski season. “

New Jersey

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