We are pleased that you are exploring the option of hiring Patient Advocators to help you or a loved one navigate today’s complex health care system.  The reasons individuals or families choose to hire a patient advocate are as varied as the clients we have helped.   In our experience, many loving and attentive families have enlisted our services to help a loved one out of necessity—time, distance, job commitments, or the needs of other (often younger children) family members create a gap in care—a gap we can fill with both experience and compassion.

Hiring a patient advocator is not right for every family—or every family’s situation.  We understand there is a financial investment associated with employing our staff and occasionally some reluctance, if you are hiring on behalf of a family member, for outside help.  We understand—we’ve been on the other side—and know that as complicated as navigating the healthcare system is, it can be equally difficult navigating the emotional consequences of your own or a loved one’s illness.  

About our pricing

We generally price our services on a per hour basis—typically $250/hour. Let’s start with a free phone consult and determine if our certified staff can bring you peace of mind from problem solving your healthcare needs with you.

Call 908-273-4043 for a free consultation with one of our patient advocates or fill out the contact us form