Do you make the medical decisions?

No. Our role is to put you in a position to make well-considered choices so that you and your loved ones never look back and wish you could have done more. A common refrain from our clients is that they wish they had hired us sooner.

What are you best known for?

Our top specialties are cancer and mental health. We are out front on cutting edge cancer treatments, here and abroad, and we have considerable experience helping families identify top treatment programs for addiction, depression and anxiety.

Do you accept clients in all geographies?

Yes. For a decade, our clients have almost always been where we are not and that has never impacted our effectiveness. Whether you live in California or New York, or somewhere in between, we make a difference. 

Do you have a minimum fee?

Yes, we have a four hour minimum which equates to $1,000. 

Do you take all insurance cases?

No. We do not accept cases where the bills total less than $5,000 out of concern that we may add more financial pain to the equation.

Will insurance cover your fees?

No. Insurance companies barely cover medical services and treatments. Further, if we had to answer to insurance companies, we would never be able to achieve some of the amazing things we have done for our clients.