The Rabbit Hole of Out of Network Insurance Benefits

Years ago, standing in the lobby of Mount Sinai Hospital in the Bronx where the average family income is $45,000, my client pulled out his Platinum American Express card to pay his daughter’s $100,000 bill. I begged him not to while playfully swatting his hand. This medical bill advocate represents clients of all economic means … Continued

What’s Your Exit Strategy From Life?

To hear her talk you would think they were newlyweds, yet it was 63 years since they said their vows. Two grown children, devoted grandchildren and a marvelous retirement filled with travel to Hawaii and other parts of the world, golf, bowling and great friends. They were blessed. Then age caught up and at the … Continued

Hire A Patient Advocate To Save Money On Prescriptions

Aesop said “In union there is strength”. Had he lived today, he would have added savings (in union there is strength and savings), as in life altering, better living, money in your pocket savings by working with a medical bill advocate who knows where the lowest cost prescription drugs can be found.

Advocacy In The Time Of Corona

AnnMarie McIlwain, leading patient advocate, describes actions you can take to help control your health that go beyond the necessary — social distancing and washing hands.