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Navigating people's medical care to enhance life

patient Advocators

We are all about results and have been known to lose sleep while making them happen for our clients. Quite simply, our goal is to solve for your medical challenges.  Whether trying to solidify a diagnosis, get to the best physicians, avail yourself of the most promising clinical trials or persuade an insurer to lower your bill or pay for out of network treatment, we have the experience and the team to help you navigate the world of healthcare and make good choices.

You need us because here is what you are up against:

  • Patients have less time with doctors--average time is 8 minutes--and this challenges the doctor's ability to deliver patient-centered treatment;
  • Insurance companies are increasingly denying coverage for diagnostics, medications, treatments, hospital expenses, etc;
  • Family members cannot provide hands-on support because they often live apart from one another and/or they cannot take the time off from work;
  • People are frequently diagnosed with more than one medical condition and using several medications which makes it difficult for physicians (particularly in an emergency setting) to make fully informed decisions for patients unless they have a clear and easily accessible medical record.
  • Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and the most common reason cited is communication problems.

Patient Advocators LLC can help individuals and families reduce their vulnerability to these factors by delivering the knowledge and support you need to make well informed decisions in concert with your medical team.




Fluent in French and a tireless volunteer for many organizations including Big Brother Association, the Boston Ballet and the Head of the Charles Regatta, Nan always looks for ways to improve the lives of people.

Author of The Complete Guide to Caring for an Aging Loved One, Nan is the go-to resource in southern Florida.

Nan resides in Miami and will travel within the US to work with clients if the client requests.



Over a 10 year period AnnMarie worked extensively with oncologists, urologists, emergency room physicians, hospital residents and sub-acute attending physicians to manage the care of her father-in-law. Her advocacy has taken her on countless trips to Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute, Hospital for Special Surgery and Morristown Memorial to name a few healthcare facilities. She likes to think she has had something to do with a few of the 20+ lives her 87 year old father in law has lived.

When AnnMarie was a teenager, she experienced a life-threatening blood disorder that was cured as a result of having access to the top doctors in the field of hematology and oncology. Even at the age of 15, AnnMarie intuitively understood the importance of advocacy by choosing to play an active role in her care. Upon being discharged from a 10-day hospital stay, the attending physician asked AnnMarie “don’t you ever give up” in response to questions she had before walking out the door. That experience left her with a profound sense of gratitude for medical professionals and the importance of selecting the right doctors and treatments to maximize life.

AnnMarie has actively volunteered for children with life-threatening conditions, multiple schools and Girl Scouts. Her volunteer efforts have led to a number of awards including the CBS Spirit of Philadelphia Award. She is also a regular blood donor in New Jersey where she resides with her family.

Perhaps you or your loved one will be her next project as she uses her knowledge, resourcefulness and communication skills to navigate the ever-shifting world of medicine.



Karen is licensed as a Health/Disability Insurance Producer in Washington State where she is an active member in the Washington State Health Advocacy Association (WASHAA).

In the past two years alone, Karen has saved clients more than $275,000 along with providing peace of mind.

As an expert, she has been quoted in several articles pertaining to insurance including Where There's A Bill There's a Way and Chart Your Own Course.

In addition to her enthusiasm for advocacy, Karen enjoys outdoor activities and travel, and volunteers as an instructor at her local Senior Center.

Completed Assignments

Patient challenges have included mental health, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, other neurological disorders, spinal challenges and aging.

Four clients are physicians, two of whom also hold PhDs.

Clients range from high net worth individuals, sometimes with well-known names, to Medicaid clients whose family or friends pay our fees and everything in between.

We serve the entire U.S. and can assist individuals outside of the U.S. coming into the country for medical services. Locations where clients have been served is shown below.

Some of the hospitals where we have experience are Stanford University Medical Center, UCSF, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dana-Farber, MD Anderson, Columbia Presbyterian, Weill Cornell, Hospital For Special Surgery and Morristown Memorial.

Example Accomplishments


  • Obtained appointments with leading oncologists at Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dana-Farber and MD Anderson and liaisoned doctor-client communication to create higher patient satisfaction. Experience with breast, prostate, pancreatic, liver, glioblastoma, melanoma, non-Hodgkins Lymphona, multiple myeloma and myelofibrosis.
  • Worked with two oncologists to obtain immunotherapy treatment without following standard of care
  • Identified promising clinical trials and facilitated enrollment
  • Implemented second opinions without requiring travel
  • Navigated the recovery of a chemo-induced stroke to enable a client to return to treatment


  • Orchestrated the care of a client who suffered a hemorrhagic stroke leading to complete restoration of mobility, speech and cognitive functions

Mental health

  • Helped clients reduce pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia by identifying excellent doctors/therapists and recommending alternative treatments including, but not limited to, biofeedback, neurofeedback and TMS.
  • Helped two clients become opioid free
  • Identified the top treatments and practitioners for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Trusted by a family with a child who has an eating disorder and kept her alive and ultimately prospering


  • Managed the medical/living needs of several older individuals including emergency care
  • Identified top physicians, facilitated appointments, and created strong working relationships with the staff for many clients, all of which led to better health outcomes
  • Prevented a hospice facility from discharging our client who did not want morphine, thus allowing the family to have engaged communication as they said good bye
  • Led the transfer of several clients from hospital to high-quality rehab or long-term care facilities or to home with hand-picked aides
  • Summarized medical histories into clear and concise charts that increased patient care and reduced medical error;


  • Collectively lowered insurance bills by nearly $1,000,000 for several clients

Decision making

You and your family make the medical decisions for you and your loved one. Our role is to provide you with the facts to enable an informed decision.